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"I have had extensive OA for years and getting epidurals for pain in 2004 & 2005. In October 2005 after 3 failed attempts to inject my lumbar spine, I had HAD it! At this stage I was unable to stand upright after sitting down with radiating pain down my leg from thigh to ankle. A friend told me of Dr. Jason Miller who had a Cox Machine, which decompresses the spine thereby removing the excruciating pressure on the nerves. While lying down the moveable sections of the "table" gently move your secure legs up and down, then from side to side, basically retraining your spine.

After reviewing my x-rays Dr. Miller decided what he should do with me and we started treatments at 3 times a week and after 9 treatments, I was standing erect again! We continued treatments, decreasing as we went along and up until a few weeks ago, (when I purchased a new Schnauzer, requiring a lot of bending and stooping) I was only needing an adjustment every 3 weeks, or as needed! The pain in my leg was gone and I walked like my old self again! Yay Dr.Miller!

Nancy E.



"While I was pregnant with my 2nd child I was experiencing low back pain and leg pain. My midwife recommended seeing a chiropractor to help alleviate some of my pain. I called and made a same day appointment with Dr. Miller's office and it was the best decision ever! Dr. Miller was very gentle with his adjustments (since that was a main concern I had was an adjustment being too aggressive for my unborn baby). Amazingly it seemed that my daughter was just as comfortable as I after an adjustment, she would roll around a few times and then seem to fall asleep which gave me time to rest as welL After just a few visits with Dr. Miller my low back pain subsided tremendously. In fact during my daughter's delivery I didn't experience back labor like I previously experienced with my first child. I am very thankful for my midwife's suggestion to consult a chiropractor but more importantly finding a doctor and staff as nice and helpful as Dr. Miller and his staff. Thanks a million!"

Jen and Baby Samantha


"I have greatly benefited from the "Cox Decompression Adjustment & Distraction Manipulation Technique" offered by Dr. Miller. The pushing/pulling effect removes the tension & reduces pressure on my spinal nerves, which in turn allows me much more flexibility of my lower back muscles, because it strengthens them; which in turn enables me to have a more productive day! I'm able to both sit, stand, and walk for longer durations of time during the day and evening, pain: free. This is a great improvement than before I began these treatments. The "Cox Decompression Adjustment Technique" works for me because it manipulates my lower lumbar spine that subsequently relieves the nerve pressure from it that I experience, and therefore returns it to a more noticeable normal movement, with much "reduced hurting & discomfort", which ensures me a "pain-free day," (usually). I am now able to walk, and function again and resume my normal daily activities relatively pain-free, In addition, I continue to do my pool exercises and take my nutritional supplements as prescribed by Dr. Miller and continue my rehabilitation therapy appointments."

Judy R.



"If you are in need of pain relief and want to avoid surgery and strong medications, you should try chiropractic methods. Dr Miller is not only capable but has a great bedside manner. He takes the time to listen to your pain issues, and you will be glad you went to see him. I strongly urge you to give his office a call and make an appt to see him. You will be glad you did."




"I highly recommend Dr. Miller. rve had lower back pain for many years, he1s the best i've found!"




"I have been a fan of chiropractic for years - decades even! What a pleasure it has been getting to know Dr. Miller! He is nothing short of awesome!"

Daniel McAllister